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A somewhat rare crystal mined in the Kola Peninsula in Russia.  Even more rare is the magnificent coloring of this specimen.  This petal-shaped cabochon measures 15.5mm by 28mm and is set in a hand-made silver, open-back, setting.  The pendant itself measures 1.82 inches long by 0.66 inch wide at widest point.

Amazing addition to your Eudialyte jewelry collection.

Russian Eudialyte meaning:

The name Eudialyte comes from a Greek phrase eu dialytos, which means well soluble or decomposable.  Eudialyte stone decomposes in acid.

Eudialyte can also be labeled almandine spar, eudialite or Saami blood crystal.

Eudialyte metaphysical properties:

Eudialyte helps make your talents accessible.  Other Eudialyte properties attracts all the resources you need to be successful.  It offers great financial protection as well.  

Eudialyte healing properties:

This is a very grounding stone and helpful with digestion and joints.

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  • Eudialyte Pendant in Copper Wire Wrap
    Eudialyte Pendant in Copper Wire Wrap
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