Collection: Stichtite

Stichtite meaning:

Stichtite is a rare crystal from Tasmania and was named after the manager of the mine.  

Stichtite properties:

Stichtite helps sensitive intellectuals and techie types feel more relaxed with people, especially confrontational individuals.  Great crystal for anyone who needs strength and determination.  Helps you have confidence as a boss or authority.  Makes you assertive.  Aligns you with your path.  

Best choice for nerds who want to be more assertive.  Also great for those who need to expand time to think clearly: trial attorneys, comics, military, team sportsGood for soldiers as it gives one a clear head during sudden changes and intense situations ... bravery in the face of danger.

Also great for a criminal lawyer so he or she can think quickly and respond quickly.  Or a comedian as it slows down time creating space to think and speak, which creates that wonderful sense of comedic timing.  

Team sports are enhanced as team members have time to think through their actions before executing their moves.

Also excellent for judges as it helps you separate fact from fiction.

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  • Stichtite Pocket Stone for clarity.
    Stichtite Pocket Stone for clarity.
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