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Traces of gold are what give Celestite is sky blue color.

Celestite meaning: The name Celestine comes from a Latin word, caelestis, which means celestial.  Celestial comes from another Latin word, caelum, which means sky.  So Celestite is named for the color of the sky.

Celestite metaphysical properties: Celestite strengthens its owners sense of independence and leadership inclinations.  It suits individuals with a unique personality or those who want to strengthen their character and presentation in order to guide others or fulfill a position of leadership, such as CEO, president, lead designer, or professor.

Celestite aligns one with their highest path and authenticity.  It calls upon the non-physical souls of great leaders from the past for inspiration.

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  • Celestite Gem Elixir 1 oz Alaskan Essences
    Celestite Gem Elixir 1 oz Alaskan Essences
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