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Celestobarite meaning: 

Celestite and Baryte come together to form Celestobarite as a marriage of emotion and intellect.  Both minerals are present as equals, united to create a new harmonic expression as a crystal.  

Celestobarite metaphysical properties:

This is a great crystal for harmonizing, be it for a choir, a marriage or business partnership.  All voices are recognized, deemed of equal importance, and woven into transcendence for greater beauty and wisdom.

Celestobarite encourages comprehension of working what is present to its greatest strength for the purpose of beauty, joy and harmony. 

Celestobarite is one of the best choices for artists, singers, a wedding, counseling, mediation, interior design and fashion.  This is because it helps the owner to distinguish and discern the value found in two sides or two expressions or in a polarity and to combine those two values into greater beauty and harmony.  

Helps an Aries understand how he or she can preserve what's unique about him or herself while surrendering into the harmony of agreement, partnership or compromise 

Also helps Sagittarius to see equal value in intellect and emotion.

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