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Septarian Nodule's name is derived from the Latin word septum, which means partition. The partitions are the cracks that you see in the nodule.  It is a nodule-type of crystal which means it started out as a ball of bentonite clay on a shore that dehydrated, cracked and filled with a decomposed coral-shell solution from the waves. The yellow-orange part is the calcite. Some of the calcite crystallized further into aragonite, which is the reddish-brown part. Most of the nodules formed 50 to 70 million years ago.

Most of these nodules formed in the western half of North America when it was rising and falling out of the sea. Ancient Native Americans relied upon the healing properties of Bentonite, called “ee-wah-kee” (the mud that heals).  

Calcite works with your kidneys to eliminate toxins and fear.

Aragonite releases negative bonds between you and other people, situations, contracts, and the past.

Unified, these three crystals work together to free your consciousness where it has become mired in human suffering.  Hold this stone in your hand or hands and visualize yourself becoming more and more successful and happy as you live an easier, relaxed and unburdened life.  

Also known as Dragon Stone.

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