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I prefer crystals in their natural state with a few exceptions: 1) expert cutting and faceting to produce an exquisite jewel that dignifies the gem and, 2) running electricity through quartz coated in a precious metal such as gold so that the two integrate, and 3) eggs, pyramids as spheres as the human body and nature, including outer space, are comprised of spheres, eggs and triangles.

The Aqua Aura quartz crystal points and clusters have been cloaked in gold which produces an array of reflective deep hues and gold.  It is permanent.  The molecules have bonded to the point where it is no longer a coating but now part of the crystal. 

Aqua Aura is called color-enhanced, but this should not be confused with dyed crystals.  A more proper term would be gold-enhanced.

The combination of quartz and gold purifies the physical body and rebuilds the nervous system. 

Aqua Aura resonates with the Sun and the astrological sign of Leo.  It is excellent for accessing, stimulating, and retrieving creative visions and thoughts.  Great crystal for healers, performers, and creative types.

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    Aqua Aura Quartz Crystal
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