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Chalcedony meaning:

Chalcedony is part of the quartz family.  It is named after Chalcedon, an ancient city in Greece.

Chalcedony spiritual properties:

This is the crystal of spiritual vision because it links the subconscious mind and super-conscious minds.  Hold it as you visualize and you will send your visualized intention into the creative depths of your unconscious.  It has a lot of Moon and Pluto energy and is excellent for stirring maternal instincts and helping a new mother’s milk to come in.

Place in your bath to oxygenate your body.  Even though it is blue, it opens the heart chakra and benefits the marrow, spleen, red corpuscles and heart tissue.

Half an hour exposure to infrared, ultra-violet or indigo colored light amps it up. 

Really helpful for those born between July 3rd and 13th under the astrological sign of Cancer.

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  • Oblong Blue Lace Chalcedony Pendant
    Oblong Blue Lace Chalcedony Pendant
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