Black Onyx Pendant Celtic Wire Wrapped Pendant

Black Onyx Pendant Celtic Wire Wrapped Pendant

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Wire wrapped pendant - Black Onyx pendant

Black Onyx meaning:  

As a stone, onyx has parallel bands whereas agate has curved bands.  This is the result of how the minerals layered on top of each other during formation.  They are two types of layered chalcedony.

Black Onyx metaphysical properties: 

Androgynous stone that balances the yin and yang; the feminine and masculine qualities within oneself, relationships, a family, a company, and a community.

Black Onyx properties:

Black Onyx is the crystal for amassing great power and a fortune that you then use to better the world.  It aids your goals, especially the philanthropic ones.  

Encourages originality ... the kind that solves the impossible problems.

Great for issues of apathy, indifference and insensitivity.

Black Onyx healing properties:

Black onyx is healing in that it converts tension and stress into physical strength.