White Howlite Dolphin Pendant Necklace on Black Cord aka Dolphin Fetish
White Howlite Dolphin Pendant Necklace on Black Cord aka Dolphin Fetish

White Howlite Dolphin Pendant Necklace on Black Cord aka Dolphin Fetish

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Natural white Howlite dolphin pendant on a 30 inch knotted black cotton cord so that it can be worn as a dolphin pendant necklace. 

The little dolphin charm measures 1 inch long by 1 inch high.  There is a silver tone metal loop attached in front of the dorsal fin.  The loop on the dolphin necklace is actually the curled end of a jewelry pin.  The head of the pin is between the flippers.

It is small enough to work as a dolphin necklace for kids.

Dolphins are kind of like little whales being closely related to whales and porpoises.

Dolphins are portrayed as musical creatures in Greek mythology.  One of the stories surrounding Dionysus is about how he changed a bunch of pirates that kidnapped him into a bunch of dolphins.

Also known as a dolphin fetish.  A fetish is a gemstone that has been carved in the shape of an animal so that it embodies the energy of that animal.  Dolphin fetishes are for social ease, strong swimming skills and singing!

White Howlite meaning: 

Howlite stone is so under-rated because it is so often dyed and used as a substitute for other stones.  

For instance, a lot of turquoise, probably most, on the market today, is Howlite that has been dyed the color of turquoise, so buyers of precious stones are on the look-out to avoid Howlite.  

Howlite metaphysical properties:

Howlite is a master-vibration stone that is especially both materially and spiritually!  Carry it or hold it to open up your clairvoyant gifts.  Howlite is a must for a vision-quest.  

Howlite aligns you with your higher self's expression on the astral plane, so keep it handy to spark your imagination for writing, dreaming, and all poetic musings. 

Howlite is great for security in love, dream-state experiences, contentment in marriage, close-knit family relations, and communicating and receiving with your subconscious mind.  Really helpful for Cancerian's born between July 3rd and 12th.

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