Table Mountain Shadowkite Pendant with London Blue Topaz accent
Table Mountain Shadowkite Pendant with London Blue Topaz accent

Table Mountain Shadowkite Pendant with London Blue Topaz accent

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Table Mountain Shadowkite pendant with a 5.6mm faceted triangular London Blue Topaz gemstone accent.  This Shadowkite pendant measures 0.92 inch wide by 1.78 inches long.

Petal shape setting in sterling silver.  The tube shaped bail attached at the top has a 4mm opening. 

Table Mountain Shadowkite meaning: 

Shadowkite is a type of chrysocolla, although it is actually composed of three additional minerals in addition to chrysocolla: Malachite, Azurite and cuprite.  

Shadowkite properties:

Shadowkite is a stone of great spiritual strength.  It attract seekers of truth with encouragement to listen to the ancient knowledge within.  

This combination chrysocolla crystal has a strong fertile and creative frequency.  Works for procreativity as well.  

If you need a crystal for an upcoming birth, wedding and the opening of a new business, wear this pendant.  Clears out confusions an indecision so that you can make decisions from a place of great clarity and insight.

If you have a friend that is a warlock, Shadowkite is an excellent gift.

Blue Topaz meaning:   

Blue Topaz brings opposites into harmony, so it is a natural recommendation to insure a happy marriage or business partnership. 

Blue Topaz is great for meditations and any kind of position resolution to a long-held dispute.  Physiologically, Blue Topaz balances the emotional body and calms inflammation.  

Blue Topaz is recommended for cell regeneration, rejuvenation, and third chakra activation and balancing.  

Expose your pendant to sunlight for ten minutes or every so often to enhance the Blue Topaz.  Even better, expose it to sunlight through blue film.  Ideally, keep your Larimar and Blue Topaz pendant on a piece of quartz when you don't wear it.