Sunshine Cactus Quartz Point 0.6 ounces

Sunshine Cactus Quartz Point 0.6 ounces

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Wonderfully sparkling natural Sunshine Cactus Quartz point.  Sunshine Cactus Quartz gets its name from it yellowish tinge which is from the presence of Goethite or Limonite.  It is also called Sunshine Spirit Quartz, Golden Healer Spirit Quartz, Citrine Spirit Quartz, yellow Spirit Quartz and Spirit Quartz Stone. 

Cactus Quartz or Spirit Quartz meaning: 

You can see why this crystal is called a Cactus Quartz.  It looks all prickly as it is coated with quartz druzy, the little tiny points of Goethite or Limonite crystals that naturally grew all over the crystal point.  

This beautiful specimen of cactus quartz South Africa and weighs 0.6 ounces and measures 1.25 inches high by 0.75 inch wide by 0.75 inch deep.  

Spirit Quartz metaphysical properties:

Although called Spirit Quartz, this crystal performs beautifully on the causal plane harmonizing ideas, thinkers, and intellects.  Great crystal for settling disputes and reaching harmonious agreement.  Have it by you when you sign a contract or a deal.  

Yellow Spirit Quartz engenders a feeling of cooperation in a meeting and happiness in a room.  At a party, it helps newcomers make new friends.  

Excellent for attaining a feeling of alignment and harmony while meditating.  It also helps you to give words to your deeper feelings.  Great to have near a client's chair if you are a therapist.  

It is easy to remember that it is often called Sunshine Spirit Quartz as it spreads rays of happiness around.  

Also clears up misunderstandings.  


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