Copper Agate Pendant in Sterling Silver

Copper Agate Pendant in Sterling Silver

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Copper Agate pendant with a triangular 5mm piece of faceted natural garnet set above the tube bail.  The opening on the ail is 3mm.  Pendant measures 1.24 inch long by 0.91 inch wide.  

Copper Agate is composed of alternating layers of chalcedony and copper.

Copper Agate archetypal character:

Were this stone a person, they would be logical, dependable, honest, just, merciful, skilled, introspective, organized, traditional, disciplined, loves to travel, courageous, peaceful and analytical. 

Might be a physician or nurse.  Maybe a writer.  Consider how copper conducts electricity.  Wear your Copper Agate when you need to optimize your brain power and quickness of thought.    

Copper Agate metaphysical properties:

Very helpful in being more regular with meditation. Most of all, signals enough done, time to rest.

Natural Garnet meaning:

Natural Garnet gemstone stimulates the 2nd, 4th and 5th chakras.  Excellent for heart and liver.  Some of the garnet properties are that it is very helpful for shy types and enable them to speak from their heart; allows them to be of service while still caring for themselves.

A great gift for caretakers.