Sodalite Turtle Amulet on Black Cord aka Turtle Fetish

Sodalite Turtle Amulet on Black Cord aka Turtle Fetish

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Sodalite turtle amulet on a 30 inch knotted black Nylon cord.  This little turtle pendant measures 0.9 inch long (23mm) by 0.7 inch wide.  There is a silver tone metal loop attached under the neck of the turtle.  The loop is actually the curled end of a jewelry pin.  The head of the pin is near the tail.

Turtles are thought to be gentle, patient, relaxed, intelligent and even charismatic.  As tends to be characteristic with animals who live a long time, their movements are slower and deliberate and their appearance is both wrinkled and ageless.  Turtles represent longevity the world over and frequently the subjects of artists, writers, photographers and sculptors.  They are one of the most popular animals for logos and product designs.

A small carved stone turtle is also known as a turtle fetish.  A fetish is a gemstone that has been carved in the shape of an animal so that it embodies the energy of that animal.  Turtle fetishes enable growth, abundance, pregnancy and water!

Sodalite meaning: 

Sodalite is nice to wear as it not too dense and therefore lighter.  It's a little bit fragile, so keep your turtle from swinging into things.

As you might surmise, its name comes from sodium, which it contains.  Blue Sodalite has been the preference of jewelers for such a long time that we tend to think of Sodalite as a blue mineral.  It comes in a bunch of colors though.  Right now, the combination of blue and orange sodalite is very popular.  Sodalite also comes in yellow, green, red, pink and a sort of gray.  It is rarely a solid color.  It usually has a good bit of white in it.

It was first found in Greenland around 1811, but about 80 years passed before it was extensively used for decoration and jewelry.  That is when they discovered another big deposit of Sodalite in Ontario, Canada.

Sodalite properties:

Sodalite is the best crystal for your lymphatic system, especially after any kind of radiation exposure.  Also great for emotional-spiritual exposure.

Attracts the thoughts that enable spiritual awakening and an ability to weave natural wisdom into everyday life.

Sodalite awakens one's genius.  It is a wonderful crystal for self-made individuals or those desiring to build their own empires.  It is especially beneficial for serious, honest and modest individuals.  It enables you to gain through clarity and logical, so that you can make the best use of your analytic and organizational skills.  Sodalite promotes steady growth.

Sodalite helps hard workers remember to include downtime and play to relieve stress from too much thinking and work.

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