Snakeskin Jasper Beads

Snakeskin Jasper Beads

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Each of these Snakeskin Jasper beads is unique and faceted.  The second bead that is kind of heart shaped is really unusual in that it was cut so that one side is solid red. 

So nice to include genuine gemstones in a beading project.

Five Red Snakeskin Jasper beads in different shapes:

oblong 17x24mm
freeform heart 20x19mm
triangle 15x20mm
triangle 15x26mm
triangle 17x20mm.

Red Snakeskin Jasper or Petrified Wood meaning:  

Red Snakeskin Jasper is actually a form of Petrified Wood identified as a red jasper stone because it is opaque.  The grain of the wood looks like scales; hence the name. 

Snakeskin Jasper or Petrified Wood properties:

Red Snakeskin Jasper is for courage, new creative energy, passion, and attracting best friends/lovers.  This is one of the best crystals to have in your pocket at the casino!  Or the bedroom (pocket of your pajamas).