Smoky Quartz Sphere 54mm or 2-1/8 inch

Smoky Quartz Sphere 54mm or 2-1/8 inch

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Smoky Quartz sphere that measures 2-1/8 inches or 54mm diameter.  This sphere has amazing clarity is 65% blemish free.  You will see beautiful veils, and clouds throughout the piece.  Also, an iridescent rainbow may be seen.  Weighs 7.5 ounces. 

Smoky Quartz meaning:

Smoky Quartz has a long history.  We can start with the druids of Scotland.  The Druids belonged to the upper professional class of the ancient Celtic culture.  They are frequently thought of spiritual or religious leaders, but they were authorities in other professional areas, such as judges, adjudicators, doctors, political advisors and educators (lore keepers).  Although they could read and write, they did not write down their philosophies and history, but instead passed it down orally.  And other ancient cultures wrote about them, such as the Romans.  Specifically, Julius Caesar.  He wrote a very detailed account about the the druids in around 50 BCE in his commentary on the Gallic War.  When the Roman armies invaded Gaul, the Roman government suppressed the Druids and everything written about them disappeared for a long time.

The Druids considered Smoky Quartz to be a very powerful crystal.  They believed Smoky Quartz symbolized the power of the Earth's gods and goddesses.  Now, Smoky Quartz is Scotland's national gemstone.  The Celts mined the Cairngorm Mountains in the Scottish Highlands for Smoky Quartz as early as 300 BC when they first established colonies in Great Britain.  The Celts called the really dark Smoky quartz by the name Morion and the lighter, yellowish brown or pale brown Smoky Quartz by the name Cairngorm, the same name of the location.  The Highlanders started using Smoky Quartz crystals in their jewelry, including the pins for their kilts.  They also set them in the handles of their daggers.  

J.S. Dana coined the term Smoky Quartz in 1837.  The name is derived from its appearance in that the color looks like smoke.

There is man-made Smoky Quartz invading the market in more recent times.  Regular Clear Quartz is radiated until it turns dark.  These treated Smoky Quartz gemstones look different from the natural ones.  They appear more dense or opaque. 

Smoky Quartz properties:

Smoky Quartz incites safe kundalini release.  Also excellent for issues concerning abdomen, kidneys, pancreas, reproductive system, fertility, adrenals, heart, muscle loss, and nerves.

Improves coordination and functioning of first, second and third chakras.