Mookaite Heart 45mm puffy heart

Mookaite Heart 45mm puffy heart

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Mookaite Stone or Mookaite Jasper puffy heart that measures 1.75 inches (45.7mm) wide.  Glassy-like polish in delicious shades of sienna, caramel and beige.  

This mookaite is from the Carnarvon Basin in Western Australia.

Mookaite meaning:

Mooka is an Aboriginal word that means running water.

Also spelled mookite. 

Mookaite metaphysical properties:

Mookaite is great for artists or other creative types wanting to manifest bigger success in the corporate world.  Mookaite is also recommended as protection for the brain to avoid Alzheimer's. 

Mookaite also bestows the ease and resilience to easily adapt to change, which lowers stress and engenders youthfulness. 

Mookaite helps the grieving cope with the drastic change of loss and to embrace death as another phase of life that is not the end of the spirit.