Shungite Pyramid 1 inch with beveled edge base

Shungite Pyramid 1 inch with beveled edge base

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Shungite has been dubbed the "miracle stone."

Shungite meaning:

Shungite is not technically a crystal, but a mineraloid as it is more than 98% carbon.  Its name is derived from where it was first mined in Russia: Shun'ga Village.

Shungite properties:

Peter the Great was treated for an ailment with shungite.  He then established the first spa in Russia in Karelia where people were treated with water that had been purified using shungite.  We now know that shungite is naturally antibacterial.

Shungite metaphysical properties:

Metaphysically, Shungite helps a restless nature calm down.  More than anything, it is perhaps the best stone for grounding and is especially beneficial for individuals with pronounced traits of a quick wit, high intelligence and an acumen for elegant speech.

Shungite guides us in embracing the answers we have been seeking.  It replenishes our internal resources by establishing a strong connection between our cells and the Earth.

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