Rainbow Aura Quartz Pendant with Druzy

Rainbow Aura Quartz Pendant with Druzy

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Polished sphere-shaped Titanium Druzy Quartz pendant with a gully of sparkly druzy.  The stone itself measures 20mm in diameter (0.79 inch wide).

Rainbow Aura Quartz meaning: 

This little druzy creviced sphere was cloaked in titanium which produced an array of sparkly blue hues.  It is permanent.  The molecules have bonded to the point where it is no longer a coating, but now part of the crystal. 

Titanium Quartz has a lot of names, but it's the same process: titanium cloaked quartz, titanium rainbow quartz, titanium rainbow aura quartz, titanium quartz crystal, titanium plated quartz, titanium druzy quartz, titanium coated quartz, titanium aura quartz, titanium aura crystal, rainbow titanium crystal, peacock aura quartz, rainbow aura stone, quartz crystal rainbow titanium, purple titanium quartz, natural titanium quartz, cobalt aura quartz, 

Rainbow Aura is called color-enhanced, but this should not be confused with dyed crystals.  A more proper term would be titanium-enhanced.

The combination of quartz and titanium is a fantastic tool for feeling peaceful and entering a deep, hypnotic or meditative state. 

Royal Aura resonates with the planet Neptune and the astrological sign of Pisces.  It is excellent for artists, musicians, therapists, psychics, mediums, dancers, meditation leaders, hypnotherapists, and interior designers.  Keep it near your bedside to create the perfect vibration for a restful sleep.

A Rainbow Aura Quartz pendant is a great gift for your tax accountant.