Black Tourmaline for You, Your Computer and Your TV

Black Tourmaline for You, Your Computer and Your TV

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Rough, Natural Black Tourmaline "Logs"

Black Tourmaline meaning:

The “chunks” of Black Tourmaline are perfect for gridding your home. Gridding keeps energy positive and flowing.  Just place a chuck of black tourmaline in the nearest corner for north, east, south and west.

Hold one of the Black Tourmaline logs when you feel overly-excited, nervous or anxious as it grounds excess energy.

Black Tourmaline is best known as a neutralizing crystal that deflects and transforms negative energy. That’s why it is great to put it in your pocket for protection or pick it up after getting slimed to quickly cleanse your aura.  Also reputed to strengthen your immune system, heart, joints and alleviate gout.

You can also use it to deflect radiation from your television and computer screen. Just put a piece of it in front of the screen.

Black Tourmaline metaphysical properties:

Since it clears negative energy, it helps neutralize fear, obsession, and neuroses, bringing emotional stability.

There has been a lot of feedback that it greatly assists those with dyslexia and insomnia.

$7 per ounce.