Rose Quartz Pendant with Topaz accent in sterling silver

Rose Quartz Pendant with Topaz accent in sterling silver

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Natural Rose Quartz Pendant with a triangular 3.5mm by 5.5mm natural Blue Topaz stone on the sterling silver cap setting.

The Rose Quartz stone measures 1 inch long by 1 inch wide.  The tube bail opening is 3.5mm wide.  Chain not included, but also sold on this site 50% off when you purchase a pendant. 

Rose Quartz crystal meaning:  

Rose quartz is quartz with a trace percentage of iron, manganese, and/or titanium.  Rose Quartz comes in every shade of pink.  That is why it is associated with love, femininity, Valentine's, the heart and heart chakra, romance, softness and sweetness.  The rose color may be from the iron content, but it also may be from almost invisible fibers of Blue Quartz with the Rose Quartz.  

Rose Quartz is photosensitive and it can lighten and lose its rosy-ness if exposed to light all the time. 

Healing properties of Rose Quartz:

Although this crystal is most associated with the heart and love, it is slightly more masculine in character, and strengthens conviction of one’s passion, desire, devotion, purpose and connection to life.  Also great for issues concerning father, sex, and anger. 

Rose Quartz is truly an amazing crystal, it is excellent for balancing masculine and feminine energy and increasing relationship harmony.

Eases anger and stress, especially concerning father, boss, police and other authority figures.  Replaces false pride with authentic confidence.  Increases creativity. 

Other Rose Quartz properties:

Regenerates tissue, especially pertaining to heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and reproductive system.  Rose Quartz generates red blood corpuscles.  Recommended for leukemia.  Enhances circulation. 

EMF Protection:

Rose Quartz protects wearer from radiation exposure.

Place it in your bath or in your lap when you meditate.  It is also helpful in alleviating sexually-transmitted disease symptoms. 

Blue Topaz metaphysical properties:  

Blue Topaz brings opposites into harmony, so it is a natural recommendation to insure a happy marriage or business partnership.  Also great for mediations and any kind of position resolution to a long-held dispute.  

Blue Topaz healing properties:  

Physiologically, Blue Topaz balances the emotional body and calms inflammation.  It is also recommended for cell regeneration, rejuvenation, and third chakra activation and balancing.  

Expose your Blue Topaz to sunlight for ten minutes or so every so often.  Even better, expose it to sunlight through blue film.  You may want to keep your pendant on a piece of quartz when you don't wear it.