Protection Stones - Starter crystal kit of five stones in a silk sari drawstring pouch
Protection Stones - Starter crystal kit of five stones in a silk sari drawstring pouch

Protection Stones - Starter crystal kit of five stones in a silk sari drawstring pouch

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Protection stones starter crystal kit.  

These particular pocket crystals possess a synergy that works wonders for those of us who want to feel safe exploring perusing life's many dimensions and planes.  These pocket stones are small, but mighty!  Whether you get this bag of healing crystals for transforming negative energy from a former tenant, alleviating the tension of visitors who outstay their welcome, or feeling safe walking alone at night, you'll find the included crystal ritual gets real results.  And this bag of crystals fits nicely in a pants pocket, jacket, handbag or suitcase.  Carrying crystals in a pouch keeps your intentions on track. 

You will love these crystals and their powers.  They make instant, excellent gifts.  Get one for a housewarming gift with a note that they are crystals for safe home.  Divorcee party?  Crystals for trusting intuition.  Graduation?  Crystals for clear direction.  So many people appreciate a gift that makes using crystals to attract safety so simple.  Especially your psychic who needs protection crystals for empaths.  

Do healing crystals work?  These high vibration crystals do.  

Black Tourmaline: Deflects and transforms negative energy.  Psychic protection.  EMF transformer.

Print Stone:  Enables us to trust our intuition.

Shungite:  Guides us in embracing the answers we have been seeking.  It replenishes our internal resources by establishing a strong connection between our cells and the Earth.

Clear Quartz:  Heightens awareness of warning signs.

Golden Tiger’s Eye:  Positively channels emotions offered and received.  

How to use healing stones - fun and effective ritual:

You’ll need a blank piece of paper, a pen, a saucer (to trace to make a circle) and the above stones.

Trace a circle around the saucer.  Draw a square inside of it with the corners touching the circle.  The square represents protective boundaries.  The circle softens the appearance to the outer world while maintaining the integrity of the square.  

Place the golden tiger’s eye stone in the center of the square, the black tourmaline on the top right corner, the clear quartz on the bottom right, the shungite on the bottom left and the print stone on the top left corner.  Stare at it for a minute as you imagine shimmering white light all around you, your home, your vehicle and your family.