Peanut Wood Jasper Petal Pendant with Smoky Topaz Gemstones

Peanut Wood Jasper Petal Pendant with Smoky Topaz Gemstones

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Peanut Wood Jasper petal-shaped cabochon pendant in sterling silver.  The cabochon itself measures 16mm wide by 23mm long.  The full length of this peanut wood jasper pendant is 1.67 inches long.

Peanut Wood Jasper meaning:

Peanut Wood Jasper attracts the energy needed to be prepared for the unexpected, especially around promotions and/or raises, inheritance, and recognition.  Wear Peanut Wood Jasper so that you feel confident and have faith in yourself.  Peanut Wood Jasper makes it easy to feel enthusiastic and alive while patiently waiting for what is due you.

Peanut wood started during the Cretaceous period as conifer trees on land in Western Australia that died and got carried by rivers across Australia as driftwood.  A type of marine clam larvae smelled the wood and attached to eat to feast.  As they developed, they chomped out tunnels throughout the mushy wood.  Meanwhile, in the same river mouth location, billions of dead tiny silica shell covered plankton called radiolarians accumulated in layers of white sediment over the wood, settling into the worm holes.  As the shells dissolved, the silica from the shells replaced the wood pulp turning the driftwood into fossils!

Peanut wood is usually dark brown to black in color with a white or cream egg-shaped pattern.  

Topaz healing properties: 

Topaz relaxes tension in the body, reverses aging through tissue regeneration.  Enhances the pituitary gland.  Activates the third and sixth chakras. 

Smoking Topaz metaphysical properties: 

Topaz brings opposites into harmony, so it is a natural recommendation to insure a happy marriage or business partnership.  Also great for mediations and any kind of position resolution to a long-held dispute.  Physiologically, Topaz balances the emotional body and calms inflammation.  It is also recommended for cell regeneration, rejuvenation, and third chakra activation and balancing.