Our Lady of Social Media Prayer Candle
Our Lady of Social Media Prayer Candle

Our Lady of Social Media Prayer Candle

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Our Lady of Social Media Prayer Candle measures 7.87 inches high by 2.27 inches in diameter.

Looking for cool candles?  Creative candles?  What about hilarious candles?  These funny prayer candles are the best candles for gifts.  Very cool candles with quotes, or rather, prayers.

You may be questioning whether funny religious candles are in good taste.  So did we.  Then we learned that most of the buyers were Catholic.  So all that good living pays off with a good sense of humor. 

These unusual candles are made while laughing at life and they will have their minor imperfections.  This is also what makes them unique candles.  That, and the funny candle labels.  Funny candles for funny people.

Yes, these are joke candles, but a number of customers claim they really do work.  So, do your cat lovers a favor and bless them with a gift of the Procrastinator's Prayer Candle

The Prayer

Beloved Lady, I humbly request that you keep my feeds flowing, my character count in check and my likes and shares abundant.

Shine your favor upon me so that I have Wi-Fi wherever I am and that all my devices are fully charged at all times.

I implore you that my online communities always feel the digital love, my photos and posts are always responded to and that everything on my social media is always perceived as perfect, including me.  Amen.

Directions for Use

Place the candle next to your tablet, PC and smartphone.  Light the candle saying the prayer.  Watch your CAPS lock and good luck!!!

Laura Belle Lampe is the creative genius behind the art.  Susan Loving created these candles to share her art with the world.