Orange Calcite 1-3/8 inches Sphere great for channelling and for kidney health

Orange Calcite 1-3/8 inches Sphere great for channelling and for kidney health

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Orange Calcite sphere measures 1-3/8 inch wide.  

Orange Calcite meaning:

Calcite stone is the main component of sedimentary rocks such as limestone.  Its name comes from the Greek word "chal" and the Latin word "calcem," both of which mean "lime." 

Orange Calcite metaphysical properties:

It amplifies ... especially learning .... so it is a great stone for students.  Calcite is a protective, grounding and centering stone that restores a deep sense of being okay.  It promotes creativity and imagination.  It gives you a feeling of vibrancy.  It enhances our sense of self-value and increases prosperity.   It amplifies intuition and perception of experiences on the astral plane.  Are you interested in channeling?  Sit with this stone in your hands in your lap and just think about your breathing for 15 minutes ... it will get clear any apprehension and attract sweet and wise beings.  Calcite is also a stone of spirituality and wisdom.

Orange Calcite healing properties:

Calcite is like a general tonic.  It an excellent stone for healing, especially remote (aiding those somewhere else) healing.  All colors of calcite are helpful in reducing stress and anxiety.  Calcite cleans out our body's stored negative energies from the physical to the etheric.  Use it to clear negativity in a busy room as well.

In the realm of relationships, calcite grounds, centers and reconciles.

Calcite stimulates the kidneys to better eliminate toxins and alleviate fear.

Orange Calcite especially promotes creativity and joy.

Instructions: Keep it near you on a desk or table or pick it up throughout the day and feels it slippery texture.  Put it in your bath, pool or hot tub.

2 ounces