Orange and Blue Sodalite Pendant in Sterling Silver

Orange and Blue Sodalite Pendant in Sterling Silver

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Genuine Orange and Blue Sodalite set in a Sterling Silver cone shaped frame.  Orange and Blue Sodalite pendant measures 1.66 inches long by 0.72 inch wide.

Sodalite meaning: 

Sodalite wasn't discovered until 1811.  They found it on the southwest coast of Greenland where there are a lot of unusual types of rocks.  No one really bothered to turn it into jewelry or inlay decorative work until 1891, 80 years later.  Why?  Because that's when another big deposit of Sodalite was discovered in Canada in Ontario.  

Blue and orange sodalite is also called Sunset Sodalite.

Sodalite properties: 

It's an interesting stone.  It is fairly lightweight.  It is full of sodium - that is why it was named sodalite.  It is hard and fragile at the same time.  (Reminds me of some individuals I know.) 

Sodalite healing properties:

Sodalite is the best crystal for your lymphatic system, especially after any kind of radiation exposure.  Sodalite is also great for emotional-spiritual exposure.

Sodalite attracts the thoughts that enable spiritual awakening and an ability to weave natural wisdom into everyday life.

Sodalite awakens one's genius.  Sodalite is a wonderful crystal for self-made individuals or those desiring to build their own empires.  Sodalite is especially beneficial for serious, honest and modest individuals.  Sodalite enables you to gain success through clarity and logic, so that you can make the best use of your analytic and organizational skills.  Sodalite promotes steady growth.

Sodalite helps hard workers remember to include downtime and play to relieve stress from too much thinking and work.

Orange and Blue Sodalite harnesses intelligence and channels it into abundance.