Solar Quartz Pendant in Free Form Sterling Silver Setting - Conception Crystal

Solar Quartz Pendant in Free Form Sterling Silver Setting - Conception Crystal

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Natural Triple Solar Quartz Pendant

Solar Quartz carries a master frequency.  It embodies light and stimulates wisdom.  And yet it also demands that the owner and wearer of this crystal take his or her light out into the world in a commercial way.  It helps you with this.  If you feel you have acquired wisdom through many lifetimes, but have yet to put them to use as a career, and you are now ready to do just that, then this is the crystal for you.

Solar Crystal Quartz meaning:

Solar Quartz is a slice from a quartz crystal stalactite.  Stalactites are formed from mineral-rich waters dripping from the roof edges of underground caves.  More common are limestone imbued solutions dripping through, but there are also quartz crystals.  As the solution seeped through the stone and begun to drip, it came into contact with the air, with oxygen, which caused a chemical reaction that caused the crystallization.  Each drop created a ring.  

Solar Crystal Quartz healing properties:

Solar quartz helps you to know your own mind and to inspire through the life you lead or through uplifting words.  

It is also a great crystal for the type of comedian who enlightens and makes the world a happier place through is observations.  Not the right crystal for the comedian who specializes in sarcasm or irony.

Helpful for any performer who needs to radiate from the stage the moment he or she steps into his or her key light.

This outstanding specimen of Solar Quartz crystal measures 1-1/8" wide by 2" long.

Properties: fertility, creations born of partnership, the emergence of creative ideas, profitable business relationships.