Natural Gemstone Chakra Bracelet - small size

Natural Gemstone Chakra Bracelet - small size

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A genuine gemstone stretch bracelet that is a triple repeat of the correlative gemstones.   Wearing one or more of these semi precious stone stretch bracelets is one of the easiest ways to enhance your energetic frequency.  All natural, not dyed or enhanced, 10mm gemstone beads make up this spiritual beads bracelet.

Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet, wrote that this deep purple amethyst calms the temper, enhances healing and fortifies one's energy when most needed.  Improves sleep.  Wear just before retiring.

The Chakra bracelet is comprised of Garnet, Carnelian, Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst and Clear Quartz which correspond to the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh chakras.  

An elastic bead bracelet makes a thoughtful gift for someone who has limited flexibility in their fingers or hands.  

And for those in need of confidence, this is most assuredly a power bead bracelet.

Garnet is all about becoming comfortable out in the world and enjoying life to the fullest, gracefully accepting fame and being honored by your peers.  Helps introverts feel more comfortable in public.

Carnelian enhances your self-confidence.  

Rose Quartz is not just for love.  It is also ideal for issues with anger, beauty, father, sex, love, leukemia and false pride - can be your own issues or those around you!

Aventurine helps release stuck trauma from before age seven.   

Lovely Lapis Lazuli polished chip necklaces at a fraction of the cost of carved pieces.  Wearing your crystal jewelry is one of the easiest ways to enhance your energetic frequency. 

Amethyst enhances intuition.  Activates heart and third eye chakras, but also helps with sleep.

Clear Quartz Crystal is named after the Greek word "krustallos," which means ice.  In Greek mythology, water was permanently frozen into quartz crystals. Clear Quartz is excellent for your pituitary and GI tract.  Amino acids in protein are better assimilated.  The influence over the pituitary stimulates white corpuscle production.  Excellent protection from environmental radiation.

Fabulous gift!