Picasso Stone Pendant  in fortunate round shape

Picasso Stone Pendant in fortunate round shape

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1-1/4 inch round disk with slight thumb depression where it has been drilled and finished with a silver bail for stringing on a chain.

Picasso Stone meaning:

Mined in Utah, it was named after the artist because it looks like modern art. Picasso Stone Jasper is not only gorgeous, it is blessing to behold.  It brings about balance between the heart and mind so that one is not swallowed by too much thinking, sympathy, sorrow, or worry over the struggle of others.  It is a stone of good fortune, which it generously shares with its owner.

Picasso Stone healing properties:

Picasso Stone helps you to balance your emotions, get centered, resolve issues, receive healing, and redirect worry into awareness of all that is working in your favor.  It reassures you that you do not have to give up your personal life to be successful.  Great stone for healers, teachers, executives, and performers.  Threatening obstacles and situations dissolve and worry gets replaced with inspiration and faith in the future.  Courage replaces resistance.  A truly glorious stone, inside and out!

Great stone for Gemini people born between 11 and 20 degrees Gemini.

Four pendants pictured, but sold individually.