Merlinite pendant in shield shape with Smoky Quartz
Merlinite pendant in shield shape with Smoky Quartz

Merlinite pendant in shield shape with Smoky Quartz

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Merlinite pendant measures 1.8 inches long.  

24.2mm by 30.2mm Tree Agate shield shaped cabochon set in a Sterling Silver frame.  Great crystal for growth.

Dendritic Agate meaning:  

Merlinite is also known as Tree Agate, Dendrite, Pyrolusite and Dendrite Opal.  Merlinite or Merlinite Dendritic Agate or Tree Agate has a lot of different appearances.  Translucent milky agate with charcoal gray dendrites (a nerve-network appearance).

Merlinite properties: 

Merlinite is considered healing for conditions with similar appearances: nervous system, root systems, branch systems.  Tree Agate is an excellent choice for a gardener, a neurosurgeon, or a genealogist.  Tree Agate assists with any kind of growth and stabilization.  Tree Agate is great for students who need to follow thought development.  Tree Agate is also excellent for writers for character and plot development.  

Smoky Quartz meaning:

Smoky Quartz incites safe kundalini release.  Also excellent for issues concerning abdomen, kidneys, pancreas, reproductive system, fertility, virility, adrenals, heart, muscle loss, and nerves.

Smoky Quartz properties:

Smoky Quartz improves coordination and functioning of first, second and third chakras.

This crystal brings about organization.  Smoky Quartz is a must-have for anyone running an organization.  

Smoky Quartz is one of the best crystals for a new father.