Bullseye Malachite Palm Stone with multiple stalactites

Bullseye Malachite Palm Stone with multiple stalactites

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The bulls eyes are really stalactite slices within the formation of the crystal.  This bullseye malachite measures 1.43 inches wide by 2.26 inches long by 0.58 inch thick at thickest point.

Malachite meaning:

Malachite cabochons have the highly-desired bull's eye portion.  Beautiful, deep, rich shades of green.  Not dyed, color-stabilized, chemically-enhanced or radiated - just naturally gorgeous.  Put the bull's eye over the source of pain.

Malachite metaphysical properties / Malachite spiritual meaning:

Bestows courage and confidence.  Coordinates the strength of the solar plexus with the love the of the heart.  Malachite spiritual properties include the ability to channel divine inspiration.

Malachite healing properties

Malachite stone is recommended for brain hemisphere coordination: autism, dyslexia and epilepsy.  Enhances physical coordination so athletes should carry in pocket or bra.  When using to enhance right and left brain hemisphere communication, order two pieces and hold one to each temple.  

This Malachite palm stone has been carved to fit in your left palm so that your fingertips line up with the highly-desired bull's eyes portion.  Put the bull's eye over the source of pain or put your left index and middle fingertips on two of the bulls eyes, close your eyes, and imagine relief flowing into your fingertips, up your left arm, and flowing to wherever you need relief from pain.

Other Malachite stone healing properties:

Strengthens the upper back.

Expels plutonium.  

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