Lodolite Quartz, Malachite and Garnet Stretch Bracelet
Lodolite Quartz, Malachite and Garnet Stretch Bracelet

Lodolite Quartz, Malachite and Garnet Stretch Bracelet

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Unusual bracelet comprised of Lodolite, Malachite and Garnet. 

The ten Iron Lodolite Quartz 10mm round beads are mostly clear with little traces of iron.  Just enough iron to add some depth. 

The two Malachite 12mm round beads are a great forest green and from The Congo. 

There four Garnet 5.5mm round beads are natural.  

There are also two glass 9mm round beads that have green and magenta foil inclusions.

Easily fits a 6 inch  to 6.5 inch wrist. 

Lodolite is also known as Inclusion Quartz because it is quartz that formed with something else included at the same time.  The nature of quartz is to amplify, so Inclusion Quartz amplifies whatever mineral has been included, in this case, iron.  Also called Scenic Quartz, Landscape Quartz, Garden Quartz and Shamanic Dream Stone as it is used in ceremony to induce visions.  

Malachite meaning:  

Malachite cabochons have the highly-desired bull's eye portion.  Beautiful, deep, rich shades of green.  Not dyed, color-stabilized, chemically-enhanced or radiated - just naturally gorgeous.  Put the bull's eye over the source of pain.  

Malachite metaphysical properties / Malachite spiritual meaning: 

Bestows courage and confidence.  Coordinates the strength of the solar plexus with the love the of the heart.  Malachite spiritual properties include the ability to channel divine inspiration. 

Malachite healing properties:  

Malachite stone is recommended for brain hemisphere coordination: autism, dyslexia and epilepsy.  Enhances physical coordination so athletes should carry in pocket or bra.  When using to enhance right and left brain hemisphere communication, order two pieces and hold one to each temple.  

Garnet meaning:  

The word garnet comes from granatum, which is Latin for pomegranate. 

Garnets are all about getting comfortable with fame, enjoying life to the fullest, and being honored by your peers.  Garnet is a great gem for those in the entertainment industry.  Garnet helps introverts feel more comfortable in public.  Physiologically, Garnet strengthens your thyroid, heart, liver and kidneys.  Helps alleviate sexual issues.  

Great gift for a Wiccan friend or shaman.  Lodolite helps you to be aware of that which is invisible.  Perfect meditation stone for tuning in to your higher self.