Lemon Serpentine Platonics Solids Sacred Geometry set of five

Lemon Serpentine Platonics Solids Sacred Geometry set of five

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Lemon Serpentine Platonic five piece set that includes the following:

a 14.7mm wide tetrahedron (pyramid like), which has four triangular faces, representing the fire element,  

a 14.2mm wide hexahedron (cube), which has six square faces, representing the earth element, 

a 17.1mm octahedron, which has eight triangular faces, representing the air element,

a 17.6mm icosahedron, which has 20 triangular faces, representing the water element,

and a 19.6mm wide dodecahedron, which has 12 pentagonal faces, representing the ether or the universal element, 

Serpentine meaning:

The Serpentine mineral is named after a serpent because the stone's coloration is similar to that of a particular snake's skin in ancient Italy. 

Serpentine healing properties:

As with many green stones, Serpentine stone stimulates psychic ability.  It also oxygenates your red blood cells and increases cell regeneration.  Hold it and use it while visualizing prosperity, healing (especially post-surgery), and improved circulation.  Regular handling of Serpentine safely accelerates kundalini rising.  Serpentine stone was sed by the ancient Romans to halt signs of aging as it has Phoenix-like properties.

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