Labradorite Platonics Solids Sacred Geometry Set of Five

Labradorite Platonics Solids Sacred Geometry Set of Five

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Labradorite Platonic five piece set that includes the following:

a tetrahedron, which has four triangular faces, representing the fire element,
an octahedron, which has eight triangular faces, representing the air element,
an icosahedron, which has 20 triangular faces, representing the water element,
a dodecahedron, which has 12 pentagonal faces, representing the ether or the universal element, 
a merkaba, which is two interlocking tetrahedrons or an eight-pointed star.

Labradorite meaning: 

You will fall in love with Labradorite for its amazing qualities and be mesmerized by its unique luminescence!  When shown in the light, Labradorite displays a beautiful spectrum of colors from deep turquoise blue to green to gold.

Labradorite was extremely popular in jewelry in the 18th century, especially in western Europe.  Jewelers would mount it in "L" shapes as the "L" in luck.  It is believed to precipitate synchronicity.

In the same way that Angelite draws former Lemurian's to it, Labradorite attracts former Atlantean's.  Of course, many souls incarnated all over the place.

Product code 11b.

Labradorite releases old trauma and abuse from childhood, especially sexual abuse.  Labradorite also dissolves old grudges so that you can move on in your life. 

Labradorite healing properties: 

Labradorite awakens your inner vision while offering psychic protection at the same time. Working with Labradorite strengthens your auric field.  Labradorite blocks anyone wishing to psychically invade your space while you connect with your inner being.  

Labradorite properties: 

Just as Labradorite contains both light and dark elements, it helps you to see how within duality there is complete unity, allowing you to penetrate the illusion that we think is reality so that we can see a bigger truth.  Labradorite is a great stone for demystifying any situations or question, whether it’s physical, emotional or spiritual.  Labradorite has Sagittarian and Chiron qualities.  Labradorite encourages expansion, freedom from past life wounds, and release from karma.  Labradorite gives access to past, present and future experiences enabling greater understanding and healing where necessary.  

Labradorite is great for healers, who benefit from seeing own and clients’ past life experiences, astral connections and roots of current experiences.  Labradorite communicates the conscious mind's desires to the subconscious mind.

Labradorite is the stone of adventure, synchronicity, experiences of expansion, and knowledge of the soul.  Labradorite awakens psychic powers of clairvoyance, astral travel and visions of the third eye.