July Birthstone Carnelian and Amazonite Bracelet
July Birthstone Carnelian and Amazonite Bracelet
July Birthstone Carnelian and Amazonite Bracelet

July Birthstone Carnelian and Amazonite Bracelet

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What a pretty combination for a July birthstone bracelet!

July is the seventh month of the year in the Julian calendar.  There are seven months that have 31 days and July is the fourth of the seven to have 31 days.  The Julian calendar was the doing of Julius Caesar.  He changed the beginning of the year from the spring solstice to January 1st.  The senate of Rome during the time of their general, Julius Caesar, decided to rename the month of Quintillis as an acknowledgment of Julius Caesar.  July is the name they chose as inspired by his name, Julius and because that is the month when he was born.

July is one of the hottest months of the year in the northern hemisphere and one of the coldest months in the southern hemisphere.  In the southern hemisphere, July is like January for those living in the northern hemisphere.

This Carnelian bracelet is comprised of 15 round 8mm Carnelian and six round 10mm Amazonite beads and three silver spacers strung on a super strong elastic.  This Carnelian and Amazonite bead bracelet has a 7 inch circumference.  

Carnelian meaning:

Carnelian agate is a truly magnificent crystal. The name Carnelian is from the Latin words cornu which means horn and cornum which means cherry.  There is also a Latin word, carneus, which means flesh or made of flesh.

Carnelian properties:

Carnelian healing properties include opening up your heart chakra, bolstering your courage, alignment with your purpose, speaking to you of your passion, harmonizing you with your children, especially your first born, and turning up the joy.  Carnelian is great for heart health.  Carnelian feels good just holding it and even better wearing it.  A Carnelian bracelet allow you to take this powerful life amplifier with you.

Amazonite meaning:

It’s easy to remember what Amazonite is for if you associate it with the Amazon warrior women.  Amazonite strengthens your ability to stand up for yourself and to speak from your heart.  Amazonite stone is especially effective when confronting authority figures or defending yourself in court.

Amazonite properties:

Amazonite strengthens your heart and solar plexus and their chakras by aligning them within your mental and emotional bodies. Amazonite invites in more chi, more life force, on a molecular level.  

Keep Amazonite near your homeopathic remedies to lengthen the duration of their effectiveness. 

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