Japanese Akoya Cultured Saltwater Black Pearl - Not irradiated or Dyed - Healing Properties Retained.  July pearl.

Japanese Akoya Cultured Saltwater Black Pearl - Not irradiated or Dyed - Healing Properties Retained. July pearl.

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Japanese Akoya Cultured Saltwater Black Pearl 

Black Pearl Meaning:

Authentic Japanese black Akoya pearl.  This pearl has been selected from cultured saltwater pearls that have not been irradiated or dyed.  

Black pearls are not necessarily black.  As you can see, this one is more of a silvery hue.  They are usually light to dark gray, but may also be greenish, bluish, brownish or purplish.  Many people think that black pearls are always Tahitian pearls, but black pearls come from black-lipped oysters from Western to Central Pacific oceans and from the Indian Ocean or from La Paz or Rainbow-lipped oysters in the Pacific ocean between Baja California and Peru or from Penn shells or black pin shells.  In Hong Kong, strands of black pearls sell for a few hundred dollars, but these are discolored white pearls that have been dyed or radiated or otherwise treated to hide their undesirable coloring.  

This pearl does not meet the standards for perfection in shape and surface quality, so it did not receive dyeing or buffing with chemicals.  The chemical used in the buffing can reduce the nacre (the substance that the mollusk secretes that makes the pearl lustrous and durable).   

Black Pearl metaphysical properties:

Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet, said pearls activate purity, strengthen the body, and stimulate creativity.

A pearl elevates the third chakra from animal instinct into intuition and sensitivity.

The pearl is associated with the moon for two reasons.  One, because of appearance in that the pearl looks like the full moon.  Two, because the oysters are attuned to the cycles of the Moon.

Placing your pearl in an unmarked glass of pure water in the noon sun for a couple of hours creates the most powerful gem elixor for emotional healing.

Black pearls resonate with the number 44, a master number.  Wearing, carrying, and even ingesting its energy helps those that already have great intellect, especially logic, perseverance, emotional stability, and vitality to further evolve by developing their intuitive nature.

July birthday stone.