Howlite Bead - 12mm Mala Guru Bead for stringing your own mala
Howlite Bead - 12mm Mala Guru Bead for stringing your own mala

Howlite Bead - 12mm Mala Guru Bead for stringing your own mala

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Natural Howlite Mala Guru Bead for stringing your own white howlite mala.  This guru bead is comprised of two components. The bigger bead is cube like and measures 11.8mm wide by 12.2mm long by 11.8mm deep.  It is drilled halfway down from the top so that a vertical hole connects with a side-to-side drilled hole.  The smaller bead is vase-shaped and measures 8.7mm high by 5.4mm in diameter.

Three-holed with end cap.  Hand-carved 10mm guru bead set made from natural Howlite for use when making your own special mala prayer beads.  The holes measure 1mm.

White Howlite meaning:

Howlite stone is so under-rated because it is so often dyed and used as a substitute for other stones.   

For instance, a lot of turquoise, probably most, on the market today, is Howlite that has been dyed the color of turquoise, so buyers of precious stones are on the look-out to avoid Howlite.

Howlite healing properties:

Howlite is a master-vibration stone that is especially both materially and spiritually!  Carry it or hold it to open up your clairvoyant gifts.  Howlite is a must for a vision-quest.   

Howlite aligns you with your higher self's expression on the astral plane, so keep it handy to spark your imagination for writing, dreaming, and all poetic musings. 

Howlite is great for security in love, dream-state experiences, contentment in marriage, close-knit family relations, and communicating and receiving with your subconscious mind.  Really helpful for Cancerian's born between July 3rd and 12th.  

Mala guru bead meaning: 

The guru bead is about how the guru teaches his or her students.  All of the 108 meditation beads lead back to the guru bead.  The student departs from the guru to pursue his or her own meditation, but returns to the guru for the next level of practice.

Directions for using your natural Howlite guru bead:

1) Gather your materials. You'll need a mala necklace strung on cord under 1mm, a thread burner (for nylon cord only), adhesive, collapsible needle, and your guru bead set.

2) Curl the collapsable needle. Do this by pulling the needle between your thumb and finger nail. Repeat until the needle resembles a fishing hook.

3) String the cord through your needle. Then string the needle through the side hole of the guru bead and down through the bottom hole.

4) Pull the cord through the bead. 

5) With the other end of your cord, repeat Step 3 by stringing it through the opposite side hole of the guru bead and down through the bottom.

6) Pull the cord through the bead so that both the tails are even.

7) String on the bottom of the guru bead and slide the 2 parts of the guru bead up to the necklace.

8) Secure the guru bead in place by knotting.

9) Now that the guru bead is strung, finish your necklace. A thread burner can seal the ends of nylon cord, and a dap of adhesive on the knot will keep it strong.