Herkimer Diamond and Czechia Moldavite Pendant

Herkimer Diamond and Czechia Moldavite Pendant

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A gorgeous natrual Herkimer Diamond and a fairly translucent Czechia Moldavite set in sterling silver.  

Both of these crystals are raw.  They have not been cut or polished.  The total length of the pendant from the top of the bail to the bottom of the diamond is 0.88 inch long.

Herkimer Diamond meaning: 

Herkimer Diamond double terminated crystals hand-mined in Herkimer.  Herkimer Diamonds are clear gems that look like diamonds even though they are natural, rough crystals. 

Both ends of the diamond are pretty pointy and fabulous.

Herkimer Diamond properties:  

Whereas Quartz crystals broadcast information, Herkimer Diamonds store information.  The authentic Herkimer's, which these are, were mined in Herkimer, New York.  Herkimer's formed during the Cambrian Age.  They are about 500 million years old.  They are an incredibly clear form of quartz.

Herkimer Diamond metaphysical properties:

Herkimer's align you with your heart's ultimate desires, both spiritually and materially.  These crystals are about having it all! 

Herkimer's are associated with attainment and completion.  Numerologically, they are a culmination of all the values of numbers zero through twelve and rule the twelve months in a year and the twelve signs of the zodiac. 

Herkimer Diamond healing properties:

Excellent for liver, gall bladder, bladder and intestines.  

Moldavite meaning:

Moldavite always green, but can vary from a yellowish green to a true dark green to a blush green.  It is a vitreous (glasslike) silica formation that happened with a meteorite hit an area in the southern part of Germany and in the Czech Republic.  This happened about 14 or 15 million years ago.   

Rocks that are naturally occurring glass as a result of a meteor impact are called tektites.  They are different from the glass that forms from volcanoes in that they do not contain any water in them.  If you melt volcanic glass, such as obsidian, it will be foamy because of the water content.  Sometimes Moldavite is spelled moldevite or mouldavite.  

The first time the public learned of its existence was in 1786 at the Bohemian Scientific Society in Prague during a talk given by Josef Mayer from the Prague University.  He called the specimens chrysolites.  Fifty years later, they were called Moldavite.  The name had its roots in the Moldau River in Bohemia in the Czech Republic, which is where they found it.  

Moldavite is also known as crater glass and as "the stone that fell to Earth."

Moldavite metaphysical properties:

Moldavite helps to dissolve conflict.  Imagine the two sides of the issue or opposing forces in your mind as you hold your mouldavite.  Now imagine them coming together into a ball of light.  

Many shamans use Moldavite to clear traces or energies of black magic.

Moldavite healing properties:  

Moldavite can be very effective in helping to alleviate problems of absorption, such as nutrients or even water.  Along with Amethyst, it is recommended for issues of addiction, drugs and alcohol in particular. 

If you have foot ailments, you can put your mouldavite in your bath as Moldavite is one of the best crystals for healing the feet.