Hematite set of Platonic Solids Sacred Geometry

Hematite set of Platonic Solids Sacred Geometry

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Hematite Platonic seven piece set that includes the following:

a tetrahedron, which has four triangular faces, representing the fire element,
a hexahedron, which has six square faces, representing the earth element, 
an octahedron, which has eight triangular faces, representing the air element,
an icosahedron, which has 20 triangular faces, representing the water element,
a dodecahedron, which has 12 pentagonal faces, representing the ether or the universal element, 
a sphere representing unity, completion and the wisdom of creation,
a merkaba, which is two interlocking tetrahedrons or an eight-pointed star. 

A merkaba is also called a star tetrahedron.  It's what's left of a cube when you remove everything but the two intersecting tetrahedrons.  A merkaba represents yin and yang of universal law or the inseparable balance of light and shadow or source and contrast.  So, a merkaba brings about all kinds of balance.  It balances the masculine with the feminine in the body, but also in relationships and organizations.  It balances giving and receiving which can also be thought of as productivity and rest.  Hello workaholics! 

Hematite stone is a wonderfully grounding and protective crystal.  

Hematite properties: 

Hematite has strength in its magnetism.  It is a combination of gentleness and fortitude. 

In a person, Hematite emphasizes the individual's strength through character traits of tolerance, dependability, fairness, determination and steadfastness.  The magnetic quality of Hematite comes through as devotion to friends, poise and a magnetic personality. 

Hematite people, those who muscle test very strongly to Hematite, tend to do well financially and achieve success through positions of power.   

Hematite meaning:  

Hematite genuine, as the name suggests, is about strengthening your blood, more specifically, the walls of your red blood corpuscles. 

Astrological Hematite jewelry benefits:   

Magnetic hematite is really helpful for Aries and Cancerian's born between July 3rd and 13th. 

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