Green Tourmaline Smoky Quartz Gem Elixir 1 oz Alaskan Essences

Green Tourmaline Smoky Quartz Gem Elixir 1 oz Alaskan Essences

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Alaskan Essences seeks to prepare a gem elixir that blends the healing support of the mineral kingdom with the strength and purity of the Alaskan environment.

Beyond the physical signatures, the crystal's system or family, color, hardness, chemical composition and the geologic process by which it was formed, Alaskan Essences' primary focus has been on the subtle invisible geometry or healing pattern of the stone, which is held at the devic level of the mineral kingdom and on the elemental forces called into service during the preparation process.

Each Alaskan Essences gem elixir is prepared in a pristine wilderness setting chosen for the particular elemental qualities it embodies, qualities that most effectively anchor the healing pattern of the stone into the water.  For example, many of the gem elixirs were prepared next to glaciers and glacial streams, some on the shore of the largest lake in the interior of Alaska, and several in a high mountain meadow filled with wild flowers and surrounded by peaks of the Alaskan Range, including Denali, the tallest mountain in North America.

Gem elixirs are liquid preparations that contain the potentized healing vibrations of a particular gem or mineral.  Their primary action is to stabilize and balance the energy field.  This includes the subtle bodies which make up the aura, and the chakras, or main energy centers of the body.

Gem elixirs work by catalyzing the release of stress and tension that has been allowed to build up in the energetic structure of the body.  As these dissonant energies are released, that structure comes back into alignment, and the body is able to regain its natural state of balance, stability, and resistance to stress.

Indications for Green Tourmaline/Smoky Quartz gem elixir:

Anxiety; holding tension in the body; lack of synchronization between different parts of the energy field and the Earth; difficulty coordinating activities after a shock or upset.

Green Tourmaline healing properties combined with Smoky Quartz healing properties:

Green Tourmaline and Smoky Quartz expand the connection between your 4th chakra and the Earth.  Green Tourmaline helps you to release unwanted energies and Smoky Quartz lovingly neutralizes and funnels that energy into the Earth. 

Green Tourmaline meaning with Smoky Quartz meaning:

United, Green Tourmaline and Smoky Quartz help you focus your creative energies as an effortless offering from your heart; promote concentration and gathers willingness in the creative act.