Green Serpentine Beads 8 inch strand of 8mm rondelles

Green Serpentine Beads 8 inch strand of 8mm rondelles

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37 count strand of 8mm Green Serpentine rondelle beads

Named after a serpent because the stone's coloration is similar to that of a particular snake's skin in ancient Italy. 

Green Serpentine meaning:

As with many green stones, Serpentine stimulates psychic ability and prosperity.

Green Serpentine healing properties:

It also oxygenates your red blood cells and increases cell regeneration.  

Hold it over your third eye to increase psychic ability.  

This is a great wand to stimulate your third eye and/or your heart.  

Gently rub it over your face following a facial or hold over bandaged areas following surgery. 

Place it in the wealth or money corner is the top left corner of the Feng Shui Ba Gua.  So, when you enter a room or your office, this would be the left corner opposite you on the other side.  If there is more than one entrance, base it on the doorway you see as the main entrance.  

Often used to ameliorate herpes symptoms.  Just hold stone to lesion for a minute or so throughout the day until symptoms disappear.

0.7 ounces.  Measures 8 inches long.