Indicolite, Green Tourmaline and Rubellite Natural Gemstone Pendant

Indicolite, Green Tourmaline and Rubellite Natural Gemstone Pendant

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A natural gemstone pendant comprised of an oval greenish blue Indicolite or Blue-Green Tourmaline gem, a rectangular piece of raw Green Tourmaline and a raw oval piece of Rubellite or Pink Tourmaline.  All natural, not dyed or enhanced. 

This amazing tourmaline pendant measures 1.18 inches long from the top of the bail to 0.43 inch wide.  The oval Indicolite cab measures 3.5mm by 5.5mm.  The Green Tourmaline measures 4.2mm by 9.8mm.  The Rubellite measures 7.3mm by 9.3mm.

Indicolite Tourmaline or Blue-Green Tourmaline meaning: 

Blue Tourmaline, which is often blue-green, activates the throat chakra.  When it is blue-green, it is more powerful, not only benefitting the throat, but calming the mind as well.  Also assists the lungs, larynx and the thyroid.

Green Tourmaline healing properties:

Green Tourmaline is a warm, loving energy.  It is like sunshine on green grass: welcoming, soothing, relaxing and nurturing to all of the cells of your body.   

Rubellite or Pink Tourmaline meaning:  

Pink Tourmaline is great protection for travel.  Calls in powerful forces of protection.  Releases radiation from the body following an exposure.  Inspires love of exercise and knowledge.  Keep it by you when signing contracts.  As with all tourmaline, enhances sleep.  Great for fertility, creativity and bringing an aggressive or passive nature into balance. 

Fabulous gift!