Icosahedron Suncatcher Mobile with Chakra Theme Swarovski Crystals Gold Tone

Icosahedron Suncatcher Mobile with Chakra Theme Swarovski Crystals Gold Tone

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Golden Icosahedron suncatcher mobile with chakra theme Swarovski crystals.  Hand-made in the USA, this lovely icosahedron is topped by the colors of the chakra system in 6mm diamond-shaped Swarovski crystals and suspended by a 6 inch chain.  (Gold-toned, not actually gold.)

An icosahedron is comprised of twenty face, twelve vertices and thirty edges.  It is a sacred geometrical shape of twenty equilateral triangles.  Plato associated the element of water with the icosahedron.  The second chakra, the Svadhisthana, is associated with the icosahedron.  Whereas the root chakra is about survival, the sacral chakra is about pleasure, feelings, sensations, passion and enjoyment.  It is located an inch to two inches below your naval.  If you have blocks or issues with creativity, procreativity or stuck emotional trauma, ask your body worker, shaman or friend to hold the icosahedron above your second chakra for a few minutes.  This will help clear it.  

The Icosahedron and the Dodecahedron both have the same number of edges with the number of faces and vertices being reversed, i.e., the dodecahedron has twelve faces and twenty vertices whereas the icosahedron has twenty faces and twelve vertices.

The Icosahedron, in keeping with Plato’s associations, represents the element of Water and fluidity.  Water transforms from gas to a liquid to a solid.  It can be visible one minute and invisible the next.

The Icosahedron resonates with the Sacral Chakra and the reproductive system.  The sacral chakra is not just about procreativity, but all creativity.  Like the sign Scorpio, the Sacral Chakra is associated with all of the fluids and liquids, which nurture the body.

This shape of the Icosahedron enhances creative thinking and dissolves blocks to free flow of the emotions as it helps to make repressed emotions become more conscious and thereby understood so that they can be released.

Hang one in areas of creativity, sexual expression, emotional processing and wisdom with investments.

Great gift for a shaman.

Measures 2" wide by 5 1/3" long.  6" long chain with a large jump ring on top. 

Suspend an Icosahedron in the room used for fertility healing or the bedroom when wanting to conceive.

If you are wanting to write more freely or paint more exuberantly, hold the mobile for a minute or so for 21 successive days and breathe in slow, deep breaths.  As you exhale, imagine that you are letting go of your resistance.

Since the Icosahedron rules water, it's a great mobile for your bath, aquarium, your spa or over your kitchen sink.

The Icosahedron is an excellent meditation tool.  Hang it from a cup hook with some fishing line (not included) from your ceiling so that it is eye level with where you like to sit and meditate.  Casually stare at the crystal inside the Icosahedron for a minute or so.


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