Genuine Orire Quartz Pendant in Fun Cushion Shape

Genuine Orire Quartz Pendant in Fun Cushion Shape

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Orire Quartz is clear quartz that crystalized when particles of hematite and lepidocrocite were present. 

This pendant measures 0.6 inch wide by 1 inch long from the top of the bail to the bottom of the frame.  

Orire Quartz meaning:

Orire Quartz, which is also called Disco Fire Quartz, comes from Nigeria where Orier means lucky

Orire Quartz metaphysical properties:

The synergy of quartz, hematite and lepidocrocite is great for wisely building a nest egg, house or new business.

Garnet meaning: 

The word garnet comes from granatum, which is Latin for pomegranate.  

Garnets are all about getting comfortable with fame, enjoying life to the fullest, and being honored by your peers.  Garnet is a great gem for those in the entertainment industry.  Garnet helps introverts feel more comfortable in public.  Physiologically, Garnet strengthens your thyroid, heart, liver and kidneys.  Helps alleviate sexual issue.