Energy Pyramid Kit 25 inch size

Energy Pyramid Kit 25 inch size

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I bought my first pyramid kit from Nick Edwards, who was more affectionately known as the pyramid man, in the mid-1980's.  They were solid copper tubes back then and still worked well.  Then I started repping for him 20 years ago through the many development evolutions.  When he passed away, I had to step in to complete outstanding orders for his company and mine.  

And although his hands are no longer part of the manufacturing process, we are making them adhering to the same principles, including the Tesla "tune-up" at the end before shipping out each kit.  

The tubes are an extruded aluminum-titanium alloy that is then anodized gold. The base consists of 25 inch long tubes.  Assembled, the pyramid is 17 inches high.

We have personally tried the many experiments listed in the pamphlet of the kit. Some we did not prove to be especially dramatic and then we learned about two important factors that changed the outcomes to amazing:

1) If your pyramid is sitting on a surface, it is vital that you use the compass that is included with the kit to align it with true north!!!!!
2) Use smaller objects with a smaller pyramid.  Mass to volume ratio is most ideal when your object occupies 5% of the interior dimension of the pyramid.

You may find this weird and illogical, but the rods fit into the resin connectors much more easily when slightly wet. (Put the end in your mouth for a moment and that should do it. Beware, kids love to photograph their parent doing this.)

You will receive four long and four slightly shorter lightweight gold-anodized titanium pipes, along with clear plastic connectors. Start by sliding one of the longer pipes through the compass strap. The compass allows you to align your pyramid with true north if you are placing it on a surface.

If you are hanging your pyramid, you don't need the compass.

Make a square using the four longer pipes and four of the connector hubs. You have to jam the pipes into the hubs a bit.  This Aluminum alloy is fairly accommodating so you'll be able to do this yourself.  It takes a couple of minutes.  If you struggling to get the pipe onto the leg of the hub, switch to a different leg of it.  I have a cushion-y mouse pad that i use as my surface so that I can shove the tubing pipes, one-by-one, onto the connector hub legs.  Makes it super-easy.

Next, take the four shorter pipes and make the pyramid structure by attaching one to each of the connector hubs of the square. Then connect all the shorter pipes to the remaining fifth connector hub. 

Fun Experiments:

Watch sick plants recover when you water them with pyramid water. Make pyramid water by placing an undecorated glass of water in the pyramid overnight.

Watch how your pyramid attracts your pet's attention. Hyper pets calm down just having a pyramid in the house. Put their food and water in the pyramid for an hour and enhance their health.

Pyramids raise energy. Put a lemon inside your pyramid with a glass of water overnight. In the morning, sip your water and notice how it has a lemon flavor.

Place your fruit in the pyramid overnight and notice how delicious they taste the next day ... as though tree-ripened overnight.

Place your vegetables in your pyramid for an hour before eating or cooking.

All cut flowers last longer by filling the vase with pyramid water.

Let your frozen food defrost inside your pyramid so that it tastes just like fresh food.

Put one cup of coffee in the pyramid and one ten or more feet away. Wait one minute. Taste the difference

Natural dessert placed in the pyramid for a few minutes tastes fantastic. Artificially-sweetened desserts placed in the pyramid lose flavor.

If you smoke, place your cigarettes in the pyramid overnight. The pyramid is said to eliminate the more harmful effects of tobacco. Many smokers find it easy to quit by smoking cigarettes out of the pyramid.

Use your pyramid to tune up your crystals.