Crystal Druzy Focal Bead in Gold with Lapis Lazuli Malachite Bead Bracelet

Crystal Druzy Focal Bead in Gold with Lapis Lazuli Malachite Bead Bracelet

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7.5mm Natural Lapis Lazuli - Malachite round beads strung on super-strong elastic so you can just slide it on.  Features a focal bead of a slice of clear quartz druzy bordered in gold.

According to Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet, Lapis Lazuli restores vitality and virility.

Lapis Lazuli metaphysical properties: Now known to also stimulate psychic abilities, release stress accumulated in the throat and thyroid, neutralize toxins in your refrigerator (good place to store your bracelet), get the feelings out, and facilitate beautiful articulation.  Excellent for shy or introverted individuals. 

To cleanse, put your bracelet out in the sun or during the full moon for half an hour and you're good to go.

Malachite healing properties: 

Malachite works well for alleviating pain, sleep and coordination between the right and left hemisphere of the brain.  Malachite helps with sleep.  Wear just before retiring. When using to enhance right and left brain hemisphere communication, order two pieces and hold one to each temple. 

Clear Quartz Druzy meaning:

Clear Quartz crystal is the Earth's gift.  It is the most common crystal and one of the most useful.  It lessens negativity, it raises your consciousness, and increases your psychic ability.  It is an amplifier.  It should be abundantly present in sacred spaces, near supplements, and during meditation and healing. Clear quartz is pure yin: it restores the High Priestess archetype.  It is without ego and therefore brings ego and egos into balance.  

Clear Quartz properties:

This Clear Quartz bracelet enables pure vision.  Great for issues pertaining to gastro-intestinal, circulation, lymph, nerves and pineal gland.  Helps detox in a way that fat is released.  

Trendy elegance.