Sunset Sodalite Pendant with Amethyst

Sunset Sodalite Pendant with Amethyst

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Sunset Sodalite pendant measures 1.6 inches long by 0.92 inch wide.  The Sunset Sodalite stone measures 22.2mm wide by 26mm long.  The faceted triangular amethyst is 4mm wide.  The back of the setting is open.  The setting is sterling silver.  A chain is not included, but also sold on this site 50% off when you purchase a pendant.

Sodalite meaning:

Sodalite is the best crystal for your lymphatic system, especially after any kind of radiation exposure.  Sodalite is also great for emotional-spiritual exposure.

Sodalite attracts the thoughts that enable spiritual awakening and an ability to weave natural wisdom into everyday life.

Sodalite awakens one's genius.  Sodalite is a wonderful crystal for self-made individuals or those desiring to build their own empires.  Sodalite is especially beneficial for serious, honest and modest individuals.  Sodalite enables you to gain success through clarity and logic, so that you can make the best use of your analytic and organizational skills.  Sodalite promotes steady growth.

Sodalite helps hard workers remember to include downtime and play to relieve stress from too much thinking and work.

Orange and Blue Sodalite harnesses intelligence and channels it into abundance.  

Amethyst meaning:

Amethyst turns into Citrine (golden color) when exposed to heat or light, so keep your amethyst pendant away from your windows to preserve the wonderful purple color.

The gemstone name Amethyst is derived from a Greek prefix, which is to negate something.  The prefix is just the letter "A" and so putting the a before another word negates what follows.  The rest of the name is from the Greek word methystos, which is about being intoxicated or drunk.  So the name Amethyst essential means that to wear this stone will negate or prevent intoxication or drunkenness.  

Amethyst stone benefits or Amethyst properties:

Cayce wrote about the metaphysical properties of amethyst.  He wrote that deep purple amethyst calms the temper, enhances healing and fortifies one's energy when most needed.  Also improves sleep.  

Great for issues concerning pituitary, thyroid, thymus, and pancreas.  Balances metabolism.  Dissolves fatty tissue.  Also recommended for left/right brain hemisphere imbalances, i.e., epilepsy, dyslexia, coordination.   Amethyst enhances intuition.  Activates heart and third eye chakras, but also helps with sleep.  Hold just before retiring.  As implied above, one of the other amethyst healing properties is sobriety.