Rainbow Moonstone, Aquamarine and Larimar Pendant

Rainbow Moonstone, Aquamarine and Larimar Pendant

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Raw natural Aquamarine, Rainbow Moonstone and genuine Larimar pendant in Sterling Silver.  It measures 1.33 inches long by 0.53 inch wide.

The Rainbow Moonstone is 4.5mm by 6.5mm wide.  The raw Aquamarine 7.6mm by 10.2mm wide.  The Dominican Republic Larimar is 8.3mm by 14mm wide.

Natural Aquamarine crystal healing properties:  

Strengthens the thyroid, spleen, liver and kidneys.  Stimulates the white blood corpuscles. 

Feeling disoriented?  Have a hard time making conversation on dates or at a party?  Writer's block?  This is the gemstone to balance you out.  Great combination of Mercury and Uranus. 

Larimar meaning: 

Wear your natural Larimar jewelry when you need clarity for making a wise decision, especially in matters of love, money, responsibility, business, and parenting.  

Larimar metaphysical properties:

Larimar Stone lightens the mood, frees us from responsibilities that we do not need to shoulder, improves our ability to specify boundaries, and frees us from people and situations that seek to obligate, shame or involve us in something shady. 

Larimar Stone is a great crystal for protection.  Larimar jewelry is a wonderful combination of Venus and Saturn.   

Rainbow Moonstone meaning: 

When the two types of Feldspar that make up Moonstone are very thin layers interspersed with each other, this great iridescent quality known as adularescence is produced.  It is the bluish glow that seems to emanate from within the gemstone.  Moonstone is also called Adularia.  

Moonstone properties: 

Rainbow Moonstone resonates with the stomach, spleen, pancreas, and intestines. 

Also works on the pituitary gland. 

Improves digestion and is essential for individuals with ulcers and acid reflux. 

Excellent for stress reduction and for mothers who worry too much about their children.  Excellent for pregnant, laboring and nursing women.