Chohua Jasper aka Chinese Painting Jasper Pendant

Chohua Jasper aka Chinese Painting Jasper Pendant

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Chohua Jasper aka Chinese Painting Jasper pendant in a bell shape.

Chohua Jasper metaphysical properties:

Chohua Jasper is a metaphysical tool in that it instills a natural sort of discipline for meditation, yoga or visualization practices.  It helps you detach from the drama surrounding you so you can get centered and focused on what's important to you - what you want to manifest.  It is incredibly helpful if you are suddenly beset with disappointment.  

This bell-shaped pendant measures 1-5/8 inches wide by 2-1/4 inches long and has a silky-smooth polish and a desired reflective-landscape image.

Chohua Jasper looks like the perfect integration of art and business: paint brush strokes in brown against a gray background.

Chinese Writing Stone healing properties:

Stimulates the limbic system in a way that you can turn your visions into reality.  

This stone is all about good decisions, leadership, master of fate, inspired, generous, success and fortune.

Authentic Chohua Jasper from the Lijing River mine in China.