Charoite Pendant in with Amethyst Accent on Tube Bail
Charoite Pendant in with Amethyst Accent on Tube Bail

Charoite Pendant in with Amethyst Accent on Tube Bail

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Rare, natural Russian Charoite pendant that measures 1.38 inches wide by 1.48 inches long.  The Siberian Charoite stone measures 34mm wide by 22mm long. The faceted triangular amethyst is 5mm.

This purple Charoite gemstone pendant measures 1.62 inches long from top of the silvery lacy bail.  Really unique piece to add to your Russian Charoite jewelry collection.

Charoite meaning:

Natural Charoite mineral looks pretty somber in its natural state and that is probably why it wasn't discovered until the 1940's when a railway was constructed in the Kodar Mountains.  That is the only place where this mineral comes from.  Charoite Stone meaning comes from being named after the Chara River which flows from a lake in the Kodars.  It is intensely purple. 

Charoite properties:

Charoite stone is associated with clairaudience and the ability to hear one's guides and angels speak.  Wear it or hold it when you are at a crossroads and need wisdom in making the right choice. 

Charoite healing properties:  

Charoite is ideal for issues concerning adrenals, kidneys and lower back.

As a gemstone investment, buy charoite.  Also, this pendant is a great addition to your charoite jewelry collection.  

Amethyst healing properties: 

Amethyst is great for issues concerning pituitary, thyroid, thymus, and pancreas.  Balances metabolism.  Dissolves fatty tissue. 

Also recommended for left/right brain hemisphere imbalances, i.e., epilepsy, dyslexia, coordination.  Enhances intuition.  Activates heart and third eye chakras, but also helps with sleep.  Fantastic gemstone. 

Amethyst turns into Citrine (golden color) when exposed to heat or light, so keep your amethyst earrings away from your windows to preserve the wonderful purple color.