Brazilian Amethyst Vogel-Cut® 12-sided Healing Wand

Brazilian Amethyst Vogel-Cut® 12-sided Healing Wand

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Brazilian Amethyst Vogel-Cut® 12-sided healing 4-3/4 inches wand

Excellent precision-cut and polished 12-sided Brazilian Amethyst double-terminated healing wand in the Marcel Vogel methodology.  4-3/4 inches long, which is a pretty perfect size for the palm of your hand.

Amethyst stimulates courage, balances the right and left brain hemispheres and the metabolism, improves sleep and enlarges psychic capacity to receive visions ... just sit and hold it for at least 17 seconds per day.

Marcel Vogel innovated a specific protocol for cutting and polishing a crystal to concentrate and focus the universal life force into a higher vibration.  The crystals are precision-cut to a 51-degree, 51-minute, 51-second angle, the same precise angle of the Great Pyramid of Giza.  The rest of the crystal is cut according to the sacred geometry of the Tree of Life symbol.  The design came to Vogel in a dream.

According to Edgar Cayce, amethyst stimulates healing and enhances strength, along with intellectual clarity to clear negative beliefs to eliminate negative thinking habits.
Rudolph Steiner wrote that Amethyst brings about a greater capacity to give and receive love.  
The Essenes wrote about the use of amethyst for confidence, balance, moderation, self-control and wise judgment.
Kevin Ryerson of Shirley MacLaine fame in his channeling of the entity Gurudas said: 
"Amethyst augments the activity of the pancreas, and the pituitary, thymus, and thyroid glands.  Metabolism is balanced, while it stimulates the midbrain and right-brain activity.  Left-right brain imbalances, such as autism, dyslexia, epilepsy, neurological discharge, physical coordination problems, and visual problems are eased.  The pineal and pituitary glands are enhanced.  On the cellular-level, amethyst stimulates tissue regeneration and increases red corpuscle production.  Diseases associated with the pituitary, diseases involving a collapse in the immune system, and those influencing blood sugar levels, such as diabetes and hypoglycemia, can be treated.  Fatty tissue dissolves and chelation is activated.  It also has some impact on the tubercular miasm and offers some protection against radiation.  Good for individuals experiencing low self-esteem, a sense of uncenteredness, or hyperkinetic activity.  It helps the person to feel more integrated with society. 
"Spiritually, it enhances meditation and an awareness of God.  Amethyst is good for those who need to stimulate the visionary capacity for greater attunement with God because of a present or past life agnostic or atheistic accord.  As a thought-amplifier, it increases intuition, while the emotional, mental, and integrated-spiritual bodies are fused to function as a single unit.  The brow and heart chakras are activated, with slightly less impact on the base, throat, and sexual chakras.
"It is so universal because it stimulates all the meridians and individual acupressure points.  The test points are the brow, medulla oblongata, and thymus."